Gateway Park, WBDC

Worcester, MA

CDW conducted ongoing assessment, risk analysis, and remediation of several parcels within a 7.5-acre section of the City of Worcester for potential redevelopment for commercial and industrial re-use. We initially conducted a site-wide Preliminary Site Assessment to determine historical uses and previous ownership, operations, and compliance records. Based upon our thorough research, we designed an efficient subsurface testing program for soil, groundwater, and surface water. When the testing results were received, the parcels were re-defined as individual sites for the purpose of strategizing further work and redevelopment options.

Several of the parcels required additional comprehensive testing programs in order to evaluate risk of harm to human health, welfare and the environment from the types of contaminants found. In addition, targeted remediation was conducted at two of the parcels to remove isolated pockets of contamination that could not remain in place during construction. The site area was formerly part of a larger metals manufacturing plant, and contaminants found included volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). CDW worked closely with the Worcester Business Development Corporation (WBDC) under aggressive deadlines to finish site work to allow for flexible redevelopment scheduling.

CDW was the recipient of the 2007 EPA Phoenix Award for Region 1 (New England) for our work on Gateway Park.