State & Local Government / Demolition

DCAMM Lancaster & Templeton Facilities

Templeton, MA

CDW provided professional services in preparation for the demolition of 19 buildings at the Lancaster Surplus and Templeton Development Center Properties owned and operated by the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM).

Our team evaluated project information provided by DCAMM and performed a survey of existing conditions within the project area including all buildings. The survey also included adjacent roadways and surrounding access drives, the locations of underground utilities, utilities within the building complex, and spot grades for surface elevations.

CDW also evaluated the existing building conditions and areas of structural concern in order to facilitate the hazardous waste and ACM assessment of each building. We provided a visual structural evaluation of the condition of the existing buildings and underground tunnels with regard to construction materials and building techniques, as well as identified unstable areas that required destructive examinations, such as removal of interior plaster finishes, flooring, and roofing material.

Finally, our experts prepared a general description of the observed condition of the buildings, developed plan view sketches outlining areas of observed failures and concern, and provided guidance for those requiring access into the structures.


Lancaster Templeton 1
Lancaster Templeton 2
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