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CDW is the primary environmental compliance contractor for the multi-year (2014-2024) MBTA Commuter Rail Operations Contract with Keolis Commuter Services. At the contract start, CDW audited and evaluated each railroad facility’s environmental storage and performance, as well as their potential environmental impacts and risk level. Along with the Keolis environmental team, CDW formulated an action plan to address issues of non-compliance and documentation. CDW also developed and implemented emergency spill response plans, hazardous waste management plans, and a self-auditing checklist for facility managers.

CDW performs weekly facility inspections at the Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility, Widett Circle Maintenance, Readville Coach and Readville Mechanical, to ensure that environmental systems, waste storage, and fueling operations are in compliance with state and federal requirements.

CDW has conducted chemical inventories and developed and implemented waste minimization plans to ensure the proper use, handling and disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous and universal wastes along with waste minimization efforts. As a result, there have been significant reductions in energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste production, and increased separation of recyclable or reuseable equipment and consumables.

CDW also performs:

  • Professional engineering design
  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services
  • Environmental infrastructure system evaluations
  • Maintenance of environmental permits, approvals and licenses
  • Environmental compliance inspections
  • Spill prevention planning
  • Emergency response contingency planning
  • Chemical inventories
  • Multi-media sampling and regulatory reporting
  • Wetlands and environmentally sensitive receptor
  • Sustainability tracking and GreenDOT priorities


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