Transportation / Rail

MBTA Greenline Extension

Somerville to Medford, MA

The MBTA Green Line Extension is a mitigation measure to alleviate auto congestion resulting from redirected and increasing traffic along the main corridor through the city of Boston.

The project requires the relocation of existing commuter rail tracks to accommodate the Green Line extension within the same rail corridor. This includes widening of the rail beds, and land reconfiguration to allow for platforms and station reconstruction.

CDW is responsible for determining the soil excavation areas most likely to be impacted by quantities of oil and/or hazardous materials or that might become an issue during construction. The CDW team will evaluate sections along the corridor where soils will be excavated to identify those areas at high risk for encountering oil and/or hazardous materials during construction. We will identify current compliance requirements of soils, groundwater, and other subsurface environmental issues within the corridor, including containerized oil and/or hazardous materials, buried tanks or drums, asbestos, lead paint, PCBs, and other regulated wastes.

CDW will also evaluate building demolition plans for the corridor for potential asbestos containing materials, lead paint, and/or PCBs. In addition, we will evaluate affected parcels for the presence of equipment (transformers, switches, etc.) containing PCBs. Other types of wastes requiring management will be identified and quantified. The locations and estimated amounts of all hazardous building materials will become part of the 60% design documents.


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