Transportation / Rail

MBTA Merrimack & Washington Street Bridges

Haverhill, MA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is undertaking the repair and rehabilitation of the Merrimack and Washington Street Bridges, which span the Merrimack River in Haverhill, Massachusetts. CDW, as part of the design team, was responsible for preparing the required environmental permitting documents and conducting a hazardous materials assessment for this project.

Preliminary Permitting Assessment

CDW conducted research to identify potential environmental impacts and reviewed the rehabilitation project alternatives to assess the potential federal, state, and local environmental permits and reviews. This guidance document provided the decision makers with the potential effects each option may have had on the project timeline and budget. For this project, CDW identified federal and state endangered species and their associated habitat as being potentially impacted.

Environmental Permits and Reviews

CDW prepared all federal, state, and local permits required for the project. The scope of permitting is dependent upon the final design chosen for the project. CDW is currently preparing the documentation to support the following notifications, approvals, permits or reviews under National and Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations and/or programs. National permit or reviews include: National Environmental Policy Act, U.S. Coast Guard Bridge Administration Program, National Historic Preservation, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Section 404, and National Marine Fisheries consultation. Massachusetts permits or reviews include: Environmental Policy Act Notification, Wetlands Notice of Intent, Endangered Species Act review, Waterways Chapter 91 Permit, and Water Quality Certification.

Hazardous Material Assessment

CDW assessed the project area for potential hazardous materials, such as asbestos containing materials and lead paint. These materials required abatement prior to the rehabilitation process and add to the project timeline and budget.


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