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Merrimack River Bridge

Haverhill, MA

The rehabilitation of the Merrimack River Bridge in Haverhill, Massachusetts, represented a complex multi-agency effort. CDW took the lead in establishing a permitting schedule to meet an aggressive construction and rehabilitation timeline, as well as in coordinating and executing all permits required for the completion of project goals. We conducted research to evaluate potential environmental impacts and reviewed the rehabilitation project alternatives to assess the potential federal, state, and local environmental permits and reviews.

CDW performed investigations into bridge materials and surrounding areas to identify potential hazardous materials requiring management and/or abatement during construction. We then prepared engineering specifications and cost estimates for any hazardous material mitigation.

Additionally, our team was responsible for identifying environmental permit requirements relative to the investigation, design, and ultimate construction of this rehabilitation project. Work included evaluating construction alternatives to determine permitting impacts and then making recommendations for mitigation or avoidance of these impacts.

CDW also performed wetland investigations, prepared and submitted applications for approvals, attended public hearings, and tracked approval timetables to ensure all approvals were received within the design period.


Merrimack River Bridge
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