Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

Marlborough, MA

CDW performed both civil engineering and hazardous materials consulting services for renovation and site improvements for the 82-acre campus.

At the outset, CDW prepared a comprehensive survey to identify and quantify suspected hazardous materials for this construction project. Engineering specifications, drawings, and cost estimates were prepared to address hazardous materials encountered during demolition. Multiple phases and bid packages focused on asbestos, lead-based paint, transformers, switches, refrigerants, and lighting ballasts.

CDW also provided construction project monitoring. The project required extensive ADA MAAB improvements be designed to retrofit the 1970’s era site for compliance with current standards. Accessible routes were extended to athletic fields, parking lots were regraded and reconfigured, interior courtyards were redesigned, and routes to multiple points of egress were redesigned for compliance. Water and natural gas utility lines were also extended and reconfigured to meet the needs of the $60 million project.


Assabet Valley Regional Tech
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