Federal Government / EPA

Naval Construction Battalion Center

Davisville, Rhode Island

NCBC formerly provided mobilization support to the Naval Construction Force consisting of warehouse space, freight yards, and training areas. CDW was brought in as a consultant by the EPA to provide NCBC with extensive RI/FS and remedial design support, including field oversight and meeting support, technical reviews of work plans, preparation of monitoring reports, coastal contaminant assessments, and quality assurance plans. CDW’s involvement included four site areas with separate, but sometimes overlapping, issues.

The outcome of CDW’s supervision of these sites was a more comprehensive and technically justified remedial approach to the complex issues faced by the NCBC, as well as a more appropriate interpretation of the objectives of the studies and corrective activities that had been in place and a better understanding of how to explain the results of the studies.

While in some cases, the Navy was reluctant to develop or refine their model of contamination sources and pathways, our experts were able to demonstrate through our comprehensive Conceptual Site Models, that there were better ways to do so. With better information and more thorough analyses, NCBC gained increased understanding of the issues they faced. This resulted in a more efficient and proactive Navy commitment of resources, including the implementation of more efficient, and meaningful sampling programs.


Naval Construction Battalion Center
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