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United Neighbors Of Lower Roxbury

Roxbury, MA

CDW completed the investigation, planning, oversight, and implementation of site soil remediation, and related filings and communications to achieve regulatory compliance for the property at 90 Windsor Street in Boston. The work, funded by the US EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant, included pre-demolition abatement of hazardous materials in the existing building, subsurface soil remediation necessary to achieve regulatory closure, and site restoration in preparation for redevelopment.

CDW evaluated pre-existing reports, conducted a site reconnaissance and prepared an Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA), a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP). The ABCA targeted the options available within the pre-determined remediation strategy established by others to achieve regulatory closure. Three alternatives were compared against these criteria: ability to implement, effectiveness, and cost. The Draft ABCA was presented to the community with the recommended alternative.

Planned remediation work on-site was conducted under a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan, and at the completion of site remediation, the work activities were memorialized within a RAM Completion Report that supported the Final Response Action Outcome to achieve regulatory closure.

CDW created a project program that specified all technical elements of the work to be accomplished, including that the qualifying contractor comply with all mandatory federal, state, and local regulations, permit requirements, and Health and Safety Plan regulations. CDW communicated bid information, coordinated site walks, and assisted UNLR in all activities from design to award and oversight of contractors.

We also prepared a Community Relations Plan (CRP) customized to the audience and designed to engage the community and stakeholders to participate in the process of remediation, abatement, and redevelopment of Brownfields. The CRP incorporated marketing and public relations tasks to guide UNLR’s efforts not only to educate the community and target audience on the work to be accomplished, but also, and most importantly, actively engage the community in becoming an integral part of the project in all of its phases.


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