State & Local Government / Regulatory Support

Former Uniroyal Tire Complex

Chicopee, MA

Under a DEP SARSS contract, CDW completed a comprehensive survey of building materials in this 100+ year old vacant industrial building complex with many prior uses. We developed a quality assurance project plan and sampling plan for EPA and DEP approval prior to conducting site work, which included sampling building materials for asbestos, PCBs, mercury, lead and coated asphalt, brick and concrete for SPLP testing. A significant amount of miscellaneous and containerized substances were also quantified throughout the buildings. Challenges to the project included accessing all parts of the complex structure of the buildings, which often contained multiple basement levels. CDW was able to categorize and quantify the cost to abate the buildings prior to demolition, which was required planning information for a brownfields study.


Former Uniroyal Tire Complex
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