State & Local Government / Regulatory Support

Town Of Natick

Natick, MA

Sassamon Trace Golf Course

CDW provided environmental monitoring and Licensed Site Professional services for Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) sites in Natick and Sherborn, Massachusetts. Work included a sampling and analysis program that was completed to comply with an Order of Conditions from the Sherborn Conservation Commission to monitor surface, sediments, and groundwater for pesticides prior to the annual closing of the golf course in the late fall.

Murphy Field

CDW completed a three-year contract with the Town of Natick to conduct sampling and analysis of multiple areas of the site to maintain compliance with Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and MCP requirements. Work included operating and maintaining petroleum recovery systems; monitoring downgradient sentinel action points; sampling landfill leachate, surface water, and sediment to evaluate impacts; and monitoring groundwater due to an oil release at a school. CDW prepared reports for submittal to the Massachusetts DEP (Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup, Bureau of Solid Waste) and local Conservation Commissions.


Sassamon Trace Golf Course
Natick Murphy Field
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