State & Local Government / Regulatory Support

MBTA UST Program

Greater Boston, MA

CDW supported the MBTA with tank and fueling systems engineering design at various locations throughout the MBTA Service Area. The project required the preparation of site-specific drawings, development of utility location plans to aid the Contractor in understanding existing site conditions and constraints, and a Master Tank Program Management document to describe the services needed to remove/replace one or more single-walled, steel underground storage tanks (USTs), including provisions for the proper closure of abandoned tanks and/or close-in-place requirements.

CDW performed field inspections, interviewed facility personnel, and worked with MBTA operations staff and managers to plan for and deliver a program that would satisfy the needs of the MBTA for environmental compliance, tank regulatory changes, and planned capital improvements. We developed and compiled drawings and technical specifications into a program-wide bid package for the acquisition of contractor services for tank removals, tank abandonment, tank upgrades, fuel distribution system upgrades, temporary fueling, and other miscellaneous upgrades to complete the program. The program will result in upgrades and replacements of tanks and related systems at seven different locations throughout the Greater Boston area.


MBTA tanks
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