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Craigie Drawbridge And Dam

Boston and Cambridge, MA

MassDOT undertook the repair and rehabilitation of the Craigie Drawbridge and Craigie Dam Bridge, which spans the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. CDW, as part of the design team, was responsible for conducting a hazardous material assessment and preparing the required environmental permitting for this project.

CDW conducted research to identify potential environmental impacts and reviewed project alternatives to assess the potential federal, state, and local environmental permits and reviews. This research gave the decision makers potential effects each option had on the project timeline and budget. The CDW team prepared all required permits and notifications for the project. The permitting was dependent on the scope of construction for the project. CDW assessed the project area for potential hazardous materials which require abatement prior to the rehabilitation process, thus adding to the project timeline and budget.


Craigie Drawbridge Dam
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