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CDW was retained to conduct investigations of several parcels of property throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts designated as community development locations for use as multi-use paths.

These assessments included the research of potential on-site or off-site release(s) that may have impacted the properties and the development of trails. This research was used to make decisions about performing targeted testing based on potential historical releases. Additionally, the assessments were completed to determine best management practices to be implemented as part of the development of all parcels reviewed.

112A Central Street, Somerville, MA

All site investigations were conducted in accordance with ASTM E 1527-05 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process, the DEP’s “Best Management Practices for Controlling Exposure to Soil During Development of Rail Trails,” and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), 310 CMR 40.00.

Each review consisted of site reconnaissance, historical document research of the site and vicinities, reviews of environmental issues at the sites and vicinities, reviews of local, state and federal environmental databases, limited title searches, and interviews with site owners, town officials and agency employees.

CDW conducted visual site reconnaissance by walking across accessible areas of the sites. Significant effort was made to inspect the entire tracts of land to observe the general condition of each site and document existing and observable land uses of the adjacent properties.

We conducted reviews of available records and database information sources relative to the sites, including the databases published by the Department of Fire Services, Office of Public Safety and others for specific threats within a specific radius of each site.

Cochituate Rail Trail, Natick, MA

For each area assessed, CDW reviewed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps, available historical maps and records, including aerial photographs at local and state agencies, and conducted interviews for information regarding historical uses and zoning of each site.

CDW prepared Phase I Preliminary Site Assessment Reports of the findings of research and preliminary assessments for submission to the Clients. Reports include recommendations for soil testing throughout the properties to support the development of Best Management Practices.

We conducted limited subsurface soil investigations of the sites consisting of the advancement of soil borings, soil screening, soil sampling and laboratory analysis. Soil borings were advanced by a Geoprobe® all-terrain rig using the direct push drilling method and were obtained continuously and classified on-site.

We evaluated the results of all field observations, soil sampling, and laboratory analyses conducted for subsurface soil investigations. In addition, all laboratory analysis results were compared with applicable MCP standards and appropriate recommendations provided to manage soil during construction.



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